MontanaSky Late Payment Policy

If you are one of our great customers, who makes on time payments, and maybe once-in-a-blue-moon has issues so your payment is not made on or before your due date, this is not about you.

We love working with our customers who let us know they might be having a once in a while payment issue; we will work with you.

However, if you are the customer who is:

  • Late (more than 50% of the time for example).
  • Do nothing to fix your payment habits,
  • Makes us a promise to pay on certain date and even blows that off,
  • Makes us chase you down to get paid,
  • You might get potty mouth and scream at us about it: this is for you!

    Habitual late and problem payers are now required to go on autopay. Instead of us paying an employee to chase you around, the system simply will just shut you off. You will know it, because for most late payers, this happens a lot. You will have received email bills and late notices. You can't say we did not warn you. We just can't pay the extra labor to track down your payment any more.

    Times have changed the way we all pay for online subscriptions. Internet companies have adopted autopay as standard.

    MontanaSky has a state of the art, secure, bank approved autopay system where your payment is deducted exactly on your due date. The need to pay in person or by mail is long gone. You always can pay online from any working internet device.

    Your subscription here is managed by the system now, and just like video games, Netflix and cell phones, when there is no payment 48 hours or so past your due date... it's like "Game Over" and your service can be shut off or disabled.

    Changing technology is something you need to accept and adapt to. You might have been able to take advantage of our old system which allowed you to be late for some length of time.

    We are certainly not saying you are bad person for gaming our old late system. You just need to change bad payment habits into good payment habits. Because our suppliers and vendors require us also to be on autopay, we cannot pay our bills unless our customer base is on the same payment schedule.

    Those days are now history, and we are asking you to make a habit change. We, as a business, cannot have tens of thousands of dollars unavailable to pay our bills because of late payers.

    We now require late accounts to be on autopay. Please put your account on autopay, if it is not already.

    If you phone in or visit the office to pay, you will be notified that autopay is required from thereon out.

    If you are worried about having the money in your account on your current due date, we will happily prorate your due date to a day of the month that works for you. Then you should have no problems having your payment credited to your account by or before your due date.

    If you are already on autopay, you need to make sure your payment method is valid and has funds to pay your bill on the due date.

    If you get a 48 hour disconnect warning by email or text, it means the system will shut your account off in 48 hours. This could affect your weekend or holiday access to the internet.

    You are the only one who has control of getting your payments in on time. Autopay solves the problem.

    Again, we require autopay on all late accounts, we will not be accepting bank bill pay or paper checks... so now is a good time to change current habits for using autopay.

    Thank you.

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