MontanaSky Professional IT Services

Our professional IT staff can take care 100% of your IT needs, or augment as a backup for your IT guy, do a remote over the internet session, or come to you on call when you need the help. Check out our offerings below.


Residential IT

·         Complete PC Care - The one stop residential support plan for your computers.  Let our team of professionals take care of your personal computers with the Complete PC Care package.  Avoid unexpected expenses and gain peace of mind with the Complete PC Care plan.


This subscription plan starts at just $15.95 and includes everything you need to keep your computer running at its best; PC Tune-up, Virus Removal, Memory/Hardware Installs, Operating System Installs, Software Installs, Password resets, Printer Setups, Email Setups, Secure Data Removal, PC Restore Media, Data Backups and Storage, Data recovery & transfers, and remote support. 


Price List:

12-Month Contract Applies

-$15.95/Month for Montana Sky ISP Customers.

-$19.95/Month for non-Montana Sky Customers.

-$29.95/Month 3 device bundle for Montana Sky ISP Customers

-$39.95/Month 3 device bundle for non-Montana Sky ISP Customers


·         Managed Anti-Virus - $4.95 per device

Our cloud managed anti-virus is just $4.95 a month per computer. This anti-virus solution is consistently ranked as a top performer worldwide and protects you from viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and more. Rather than having to renew every year, enter new license keys, and other annoyances, we have a simple subscription model that is always up to date and never expires.


Price List:

12-Month Contract Applies



·         Managed Home Wi-Fi – By far, the greatest number of complaints we receive from our customers is related to unreliable home Wi-Fi networks.  Symptoms of these problems include:

o   Slow speeds even though you are on a fast connection

o   Frequent buffering when streaming videos

o   Devices periodically disconnect from Wi-Fi

o   Dead zones in your home where you cannot get Wi-Fi coverage


Our managed Wi-Fi solution removes the uncertainty of why your internet service is not working at the level you expect.  We will provide all the network equipment you need to get your devices connected and can monitor quality to ensure that you get the most out of your internet connection.  We also assist with password re-sets and device connectivity issues when you use our Managed Wi-Fi solution.  We offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs and budget.  We can also connect outbuildings to the internet by installing a wireless bridge. 


Price List:

- Additional indoor mesh access point: $7/Month

-Advanced indoor/outdoor access point: $12/Month

-Wireless Bridge: $34/Month (includes access point in remote building).  24-Month contract applies




Business IT


MontanaSky offers many different levels of IT support depending on your needs.  Whether you want us to manage your entire IT department, or just lend a helping hand now-and-then, we have a plan for you.  With experienced IT professionals demanding $60,000+ a year to start, hiring our IT support makes more financial sense than ever before.  Also, take away the worry of replacing IT staff who leave for higher paying jobs, leaving you to scramble for a replacement.


·         IT Audit – Not sure where to even begin with IT? Contact us to have a technician come out and evaluate your environment. We will check the state of your connection, network set-up, computers, servers, telephony layout, and more for one low price. Our technicians will identify problem areas and work with you to create a plan, so you have the confidence to make an informed decision about your IT needs.

Price List:
-$99.95 per audit

·         Managed IT Services – Similar to our OaaS service plan, but for companies that wish to purchase their own equipment, or who already have working equipment in place that they do not want to manage.  Rather than selling you hours to use each month, we support your needs on a “per-device” model.  We will install monitoring and support software on your devices and remotely support and monitor all of your equipment.  We will get alerted and take action when a problem is identified, prior to a system failure.  The biggest benefit of this plan is how well the motivation structure works for both MontanaSky and our client.  Clients wish to have as little down-time as possible, and MontanaSky wants to spend as few man-hours possible fixing problems.  This creates a huge incentive for Montana Sky to keep your IT systems running at top-notch performance.

Price List:
-Bronze plan: $15 per month per computer
-Silver plan: $24 per month per computer
-Gold plan: $55 per month per computer

·         OaaS (Office as a Service) - Let us take over the IT for your small business.  We will set you up with everything your office may need- computers, printers, fax, VoIP phones, all for one low monthly rate.  That’s right, no up-front costs and you get brand-new, supported equipment for a single price.  Great for those who do not wish to make a large capital expenditure, start-ups, and those who do not want to manage IT life-cycles.  We’ll build it, install it, and support it.  You can check IT off your to-do list!

Price List:
-Value plan without phone service starting at $175/month
-Value plan with phone service starting at $211/month


·         Monthly Pre-Paid Retainer Plans - Need IT for your small business, but don’t need a full-time IT guy?  We offer monthly support plans, so you have the help you need from professional IT staff when you need it.  We will work together to choose an appropriate number of hours monthly to meet your needs.  As opposed to the as-needed service; pre-paid plans offer more responsive and pro-active support.  Upon engagement, MontanaSky will survey and document your IT infrastructure so that when there is a problem, it can be resolved quickly.  We will assist in creating an overall IT strategy for your business so that your systems stay running smoothly now and in the future. Customers on this plan get priority support over as-needed customers, discounts on contracted rates, and reduced hourly rates after pre-paid hours are exhausted.

Price List:
Starting at $85/hour per Month
*Discounts available by contract term length

·         Break/Fix service.  Our Professional IT team can help you with whatever your IT support needs may be.  Standard hourly rate starting at $95 per hour for on-site support (1-hour min.).  Remote support starting at $84 per hour (30-minute min.).  We’ve seen it all and we can fix it.  We have experience in most IT areas, including but not limited to:

o   Microsoft/Linux/Mac

o   E-mail and user management

o   Servers and Workstations

o   Networking (Including Cisco Networks)

o   Cloud computing

o   Security

Keep in mind, we cannot guarantee response time for as-needed service.  You may consider one of our other IT services for guaranteed response time.


·         Managed Anti-Virus - Our cloud managed anti-virus is just $4.95 a month per computer. This anti-virus solution is consistently ranked as a top performer worldwide and protects you from viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and more. Rather than having to renew every year, enter new license keys, and other annoyances, we have a simple subscription model that is always up to date and never expires.

·         Managed O365 - Let’s face it, if you use Microsoft Products, you are pretty much forced to migrate to the O365 platform anymore.  Although there are many benefits to Microsoft cloud-based services, setting-up users and managing the platform can be confusing and time-consuming.  Calling the Microsoft toll-free number could consume hours of your valuable time.  Let our team of experts manage your O365 subscription.  We will make sure everything is set-up right so that your data is secure, users accounts are created and removed properly, and ensure you are paying for the correct subscription to meet your needs. 

Price List:
O365 packages start at $95/Month and include licensing!



·         Managed backups - Business data is arguably the most valuable resource a company has.  Customer data, accounting data, legal documents, tax returns, and much more reside on company computer system.  There have been many companies that have gone out of business following a complete data loss.  While most companies perform periodic backups, ask yourself the following:


o   Are backups done at least daily, every day?

o   Are backups tested periodically for disaster recovery?  (Will they actually work if you need them)

o   Are your backups stored locally or in the cloud somewhere?

o   Who will restore your systems if there is a critical data loss?

o   What will you do if you get ransomware on your system that encrypts your files and backups?

o   Do you modify your backup setting on a regular basis to ensure they are collecting all of your files?

o   Are you backing up entire systems and settings, or just files?


If you don’t know the answer to all those questions, you should probably consider using MontanaSky’s managed backup program.  We use the most advanced backup software available to make sure your systems are backed up daily, or even hourly.  We can store a copy of your data both on-site at your facility and at our data center so there are multiple copies.  We can take snapshots of your entire system so we can restore your systems in hours or less instead of days.  Let us evaluate your backup program so you have peace of mind knowing you are prepared for the unexpected.

Price List:
-Small and Medium Business (SMB) Backups starting at $99/Month for 1TB

-Additional storage $50 per TB

-Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) starting at $80 for first server (up to 500GB)
                -Additional servers $55 each

-Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) starting at $30 for first PC (up to 500GB)
                -Additional PCs $20 each


·         Co-Location - Montana Sky offers full datacenter and network co-location in our Kalispell, Montana facility.  Our location near the hospital means we are part of a very reliable and resilient part of the utility power-grid.  With multiple HVAC systems, UPS and generator power back-up, you can be sure your equipment is safe and secure.  Perhaps most importantly, we have access in our facility to diverse internet connectivity.  We have fiber access to multiple ISP’s, on different physical paths, to various parts of the United States.  We also are fully capable of performing “remote hands” services for our clients who don’t want to travel to our facility but need physical access to their systems.

Price List
-1U starting at $58/Month (with 36 month agreement)
-2U starting at $83/Month (with 36 month agreement)


·         Virtual Servers/Cloud Computing - Montana Sky has a complete server cluster with high-availability and fail-over so that we can offer fast and affordable virtual machines (VMs) to customer anywhere in the world.  We have the ability to provide both fully-managed VM’s and customer-managed VMs.  We offer a full range of server features that can be customized to meet your needs.  We are happy to help evaluate your situation and recommend the best solution that matches your budget and desired performance. 

There are many benefits to using MontanaSky’s VM’s:

o   For our fiber clients, direct access to their servers with super-low latency times and no data-transfer fees.

o   Avoid huge capital costs associated with physical server upgrades or replacements.

o   Pay only for the resources you need and enjoy the benefit of instant access to more computing resources, when you need it and not before.

o   Stay out of the “mega-clouds” like AWS, Azure, or Google and keep your data safe with a local company who knows your name and treats you right.

o   More reliable than an on-site server; includes daily backups and extremely quick restore times in case of server failure or file corruption.

o   Access to a team of experts who know what it takes to build a great server and keep it running smoothly.

Price List:
Starting at $45/Month (with 36 month agreement)U


Beats Carbonite Hands Down!

Faster Backup and transfers. Trouble free. Recovery from a disaster is trouble free and four times more reliable than the big online services. And you get the MontanaSky Professional IT Team on your side.

Make life easier and more secure with uberVault data backups.

MontanaSky Networks will install a small computer in your office and identify the data to be protected during the initial setup. Setup takes from 20 minutes to a couple of hours depending on your network configuration and the size of the initial data transfer. No knowledge is required on your part to operate or configure the backups. A MontanaSky Networks technician will ask a few questions during setup and then you can discard your tape drive, thumb drive or whatever media you are currently using to back up. It will never be needed again.

Initial Full Backup

Using a removable hard drive, MontanaSky Networks first performs a full backup of all critical files from your protected server or workstation. From then on it uses a time-tested technology to backup your data at the byte level on a schedule of your choice. As it only sends the changes of the changed files, such small data transmissions pose no performance issues for your network or internet connection.

Secure Offsite Data Center

Data is transmitted to montana Sky Nets secure data facility on a scheduled basis using state-of-the-art security and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. The facility features comprehensive physical security, generator power Backup and 24 hour monitoring. The data that is stored off-site is encrypted to ensure 100% integrity. This makes the uberVault system HIPAA compliant. A secondary backup of the encrypted data is stored at MontanaSky Networks's own facility. The chance of total data loss is as close to none as is possible.

Day-To-Day Recovery Access

The uberVault that is located i your office lets authorized individuals access up to 30 days of complete backups via windows explorer or other computer browsing software. The backups are locked down for read permission only and can not be deleted nor altered. It can, however, be copied via simple drag-and-drop action. Thereby you always have simple access to files you may have accidentally deleted or corrupted. If your backups would fail, MontanaSky Networks will notify you and offer to assist you in getting your backups up and running again. Reasons for failure may be that someone has unplugged the uberVault, internet is down or download directories have been moved.

Recovery Options

Point, click, drag-and-drop your files or folders from the uberVault to restore the most current version of your data or a version from the historical archive up to 30 days. Off-Site files can be restored after contacting MontanaSky Networks:

  • Online via your Internet connection from the offsite vaulting facility through ftp/http or email depending on your preference
  • On CD-ROM, DVD or Removable Hard Drive and delivered overnight to anywhere in the country or physically delivered by a MontanaSky Networks technician if it is within a 100 mile radius of MontanaSky Networks data warehouse.

Professional Service Monitoring

MontanaSky Networks takes over the responsibility of monitoring your connection and the success of your backups. We offer to restore your data at no cost when the bad thing happens. Our business it to collect, protect and restore data, and to help minimize potential down time in case of disaster. MontanaSky Networks will detect and resolve problems, often before you even knew they existed.

Customer Service

Customer Service works closely with the MontanaSky Networks data center technicians to answer your questions or provide assistance.
Let MontanaSky Networks focus on your data security so that you can focus on your business.

Why chose uberVault?

uberVault has solved all the issues that continue to plague the online backup companies.

Some of these are:

  1. Ease of Recovery.
    Have you considered how long it would take to download 30 Gig. (figure a week).
    Online backup companies offer you a few gigs of storage and leave you to download your data when you need it. Can you afford to wait a week to get your data back?

    The uberVault will have your data locally, unless you have a physical disaster. (Theft, Vandalism Fire etc.)
    The offsite data will be sent or delivered to you. You will not have to download it. This is part of our promise to you. There is no cost in recovery. MontanaSky Networks will even pay for the storage media and shipping.

  2. Day-To-Day Value
    Most backup solutions are only time consuming, expensive, cumbersome and rarely done right and are only used incase of a major problem such as a hard drive crash or major virus attack or other disaster.

    The uberVault will act as a network drive that you can access at any time. You can pick what day you want to explore, in the last 30 days. Find your file and drag and drop it to a location on your computer. This comes in handy when you have accidentally deleted a file or over saved it, or it has been corrupted.

  3. Data Safety
    Online data storage companies generally have access to your data. Do you know who you are dealing with? Do you trust that personal data is not stolen or misused?

    The uberVault system is set up so that your files can only be decrypted by an ubervault, and that uberVault must be keyed, and each key is very long, complicated and unique. If the key is lost, not even MontanaSky Networks can recover your data.

  4. Licensing
    Many backup companies require you to install software that cost money and they do charge by seat rather than by company. The cost of safe guarding your entire network can become very expensive. Most companies offer between 3-10 Gigs of storage.

    The uberVault system has one monthly fee that gives you up to 100 Gigs of remote storage. That is a very large amount of data. Additional storage is $1 per Gig per month.

  5. Hardware Separation
    What good is running your local backup on the computer where the data is used. If your computer goes down, your backup is gone too. If your computer connects to an off site service, it will sit and use up processing power and bandwidth while you are trying to work.

    The uberVault takes over the task of synchronizing with the remote server. It can work all night while your computer is shut off. As long as your files are scheduled to be copied to the uberVault while your computer is on.


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